Built Environment plans and strategies

We aim to provide diverse and connected place and housing options to ensure sustainable provision for current and future generations. We will support growth through adaptable and flexible planning, while protecting our local heritage. Our City will be accessible through integrated transport solutions with an aim to improve our community’s quality of life.

An aerial view of Lord Street interchange

Local Planning Strategy

The principal land-use planning document used to assist us in our decision making over the next 10 years, setting out our long-term planning directions. It incorporates State and Regional Planning strategies and policies, and provides the rationale for the zones and other provisions to be included in a review of the Local Planning Scheme.

A recycling truck collecting from recycling bins

Asset Management Strategy

A key component of our asset management planning framework that translates the direction set by community and Council through the Asset Management Policy and SCP info asset management focused objectives, overarching levels of service and improvement opportunities across all asset classes.

Planners at work at the City administration building

Local Planning Scheme

Sets out the way land is to be used and developed, classifies areas for land use and include provisions to coordinate infrastructure and development within the City. This is set out via scheme text and maps.

Transport Plan

Transport Plan

Focuses on an integrated transport model which includes land-use decisions, parking, public transport, road and pedestrian/cycling infrastructure with the aim to create a high-quality integrated planning and transport environment that supports economic, environmental and social activities.

Note: The Community Infrastructure Plan (City Wide) is under development, with adoption anticipated for 2024.  

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