Corporate plans and strategies

The City of Swan undertakes planning in accordance with the Local Government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. Our principal guiding document is the Strategic Community Plan. 

Our corporate plans, including the Corporate Business Plan, Service Plans and Budget, are developed annually to ensure delivery of the City’s Strategic Community Plan. 

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Strategic Community Plan

The City’s Strategic Community Plan (SCP) sets out our vision, aspirations and objectives for our community over the next 10 years. 

The SCP is broken into five key result areas (KRAs)

  1. Natural environment
  2. Economic
  3. Social
  4. Built environment
  5. Governance.

The KRAs are linked to the following Strategies; Sustainable Environment Strategy(open in new window), Local Planning Strategy part 1(open in new window) and part 2(open in new window) and Asset Management Strategy(open in new window)

Strategic Community Plan(open in new window)


Corporate Business Plan

  • To support the long term planning outlined in the Strategic Community Plan, the City's Corporate Business Plan sets and supports the medium term direction over the ensuing four year period 
  • Each year, we review and update our Corporate Business Plan to set and prioritise our short term goals.

Corporate Business Plan

View a summary of the Corporate Business Plan(open in new window)


Service Plans

  • The City of Swan has 35 services. Each service has a unique role related to delivery in line with the City’s strategic direction
  • The City delivers services to the residents to achieve the community vision to create “a sustainable, thriving City of diverse people and places enjoying a great quality of life, health and well-being”.

Service plans


Long Term Financial Plan

  • The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is prepared annually and is aligned to the Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan
  • The LTFP is an integral part of Council’s strategic planning process that is prepared based on a number of objectives and assumptions. It addresses the operating and capital needs placed on the City over the next ten years.

Long Term Financial Plan(open in new window)

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