Clearance form help

This section requires information about the land the application pertains to. Most of this information can be obtained from the property's Certificate of Title. To ensure you have the correct property details, please do a property search on our interactive property map(open in new window).


It is important that you complete this section correctly and in its entirety as the applicant is the sole contact person for the application. City staff will in most cases contact the applicant via email or telephone, unless explicitly requested otherwise.


Please enter information about the application you are lodging.

To expedite lodgement of the application, please ensure you provide the City of Swan and Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) reference numbers.


Explain here how each condition you are seeking clearance for has been satisfied. All conditions seeking clearance for must be met prior to lodgement of the application.


This section requires the subdivider or person with legal authority to act on behalf of the subdivider to certify that all conditions listed in the above section have been met.

This is important because if City staff find that works have not been completed when the form says they have, the application will be cancelled.

Depending on the time spent on the assessment of the application, a refund of the application fee may not be possible.


Step two – Gather supporting documents

The following information must be included in your application. 

Documents When are they required?
Completed Subdivision Clearance Form Always
Deposited Plan (to be stamped) Always
Copy of the WAPC's Subdivision Approval Always
Digital Diagram of Survey in ‘Microsoft Design File’ format This is not mandatory, but some applicants choose to provide it digitally as well as hardcopy.
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