Parking infringements

If you have been issued a Parking Infringement Notice, you must pay or appeal within 28 days of the issue date.

If you take no action this matter may be registered with the Fines Enforcement Registry, and your driver's licence or any vehicle licence held by you may be suspended. If the matter is lodged with the Registry, additional costs will be payable.

Note: A fee of 0.4% of the transaction value applies to all card payments. Find out more.

Pay your infringement

Have your infringement notice ready

You will need:

  • your Parking Infringement Number*
  • your car's Registration Number (rego)
  • to know the payment amount.

* Please enter the infringement number as displayed on your Infringement Notice (including the prefix P, if shown).

Pay online by credit card

Use the link below to pay through our secure online payment gateway.

Pay online

Or, choose another way to pay

By phone - Pay by credit card or debit card by calling the City on 08 9267 9267;

In person - Pay by credit card, debit card, cash or cheque in person at the City of Swan Administration Centre; or pay by credit card or debit card at any City of Swan Library.

Appeal a parking infringement

A parking enforcement notice may be left on your vehicle or sent by post.

If you don’t pay your parking infringement:

  • A notice will be sent to the registered vehicle owner by post approx. 14 days after the infringement is issued
  • If you don’t pay the initial notice, a Final Demand Notice will be sent after an additional 28 days along with a late payment fee
  • If you still have not paid your infringement after a further 28 days, your infringement will be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER) and you will be a charged additional fees
  • If you fail to pay before the final due date, further actions may be taken by FER such as suspension of your driver’s licence.

You can appeal a parking infringement, but there are specific situations in which your appeal generally won’t be considered.

If you are appealing due to extreme circumstances, you will need to provide supporting documentation in writing by a third party (such as police, fire, emergency services or a witness).

You lost track of time

You must ensure you park in a zone that allows suitable time for your required length of stay. Spending longer than expected at your activity is not a valid reason to appeal an infringement.

You did not see or misread the parking sign

You have a responsibility to read parking signs and understand any restrictions. Misreading the sign isn’t a valid reason to appeal an infringement.

We use Australian Standards as a guide to determine what goes on our signs.

You didn't have your parking permit on you

You must have your permit clearly displayed to park in a restricted area. If you do not have your permit on you, you need to find alternative parking.

Your parking ticket or permit wasn’t visible

It is your responsibility to ensure you display your ticket or permit correctly prior to leaving your vehicle.

You thought you were allowed to park in a restricted area

You must have the authority to park in a restricted area. Only authorised vehicles can park in loading zones, taxi stands, ACROD bays and bus bays.

You only left your vehicle for a short period of time

You must display a ticket or permit as soon as you park your car. You should have payment for ticket machines ready before you arrive (cash, card or Easypark App).

Quickly leaving your car to get changed or use a toilet is not a valid reason for an appeal.

Making a parking infringement appeal

You must submit your parking fine appeal before the fine due date as shown on the infringement notice, either in writing by mail or through our website. We do not accept appeals over the phone.

When you submit your appeal, you need to provide the following information:

  • Infringement number
  • The drivers full name, postal and email address, and contact number
  • Copies of all relevant supporting documentation
  • Detailed reasons why you believe the infringement should be reviewed.

Appeal your parking infringement

More information

If you’re the vehicle owner but weren’t driving the vehicle at the time the alleged offence occurred, you must nominate the driver by providing the following details:

  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • Email
  • Contact phone number
  • Date of birth (if able to provide).

You can only nominate another driver prior to the final due date.

Nominate another driver(open in new window)

You have the right to have your infringement appeal heard by a court.

Complete the application form and provide a reason why you are electing to take the matter to court. 

Elect for a court hearing

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