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Spotted something in our community needing attention? Report it! We can help with potholes, broken footpaths, fallen branches, graffiti, new or additional bins, replacing broken bins, verge maintenance and more.

You can also use the Snap Send Solve smartphone app(open in new window) to report a range of issues.

If the issue is urgent or creating an immediate safety hazard, contact the City of Swan on (08) 9267 9267.

Report it via the app

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Request a new bin

Request a new bin(open in new window)

Request a bin repair or replacement

If your residential bin (yellow or green lid) is damaged, you can request a repair or replacement. 

Request a bin repair or replacement - green lid

Request a bin repair or replacement - yellow lid

If your bin is missing or is too damaged to hold any waste, contact us via telephone to request an urgent replacement


Verge collections

Book a bulk waste verge collection

Illegal dumping 

Includes dumped rubbish or if you've witnessed someone illegally dumping rubbish.

Report illegal dumping

For graffiti containing obscene language or symbols, contact (08) 9267 9267.

Report graffiti 

Streets and footpaths

Report road issues (such as cracks and potholes), footpath issues or request the sweeping of a path or road.

Request it

Stormwater drains

Report drain blockages, overgrowth, flooding or other damage.

Report it

Verges or median strips

Report verge, median strip or reticulation issues.

Report it

Grass, plants and gardens

Report park maintenance or reticulation issues.

Report it 

Playgrounds, park facilities and public furniture

Report playground, park facilities or public furniture issues.

Report it


Report park lighting damage or outages.

Report it

Report broken, damaged or missing signs.

Report it

The Lodgement service enables a registered user to submit building applications online and track its progress 24/7.

Submit a building application

The tracking service aims to provide residents, applicants and contractors with up-to-date information on the progress of planning and building applications within the City.

Track a building or planning application online

Depending on the company who owns the trolley (eg: Woolworths, Coles, IGA, etc), there are a few ways to report abandoned trolleys.

Snap Send Solve
Aldi, Big W, Bunnings, Coles, Dan Murphy, Kmart, Officeworks, Target and Woolworths trolleys can be reported via Snap Send Solve:

Trolley Tracker
Woolworths, Big W and Dan Murphy’s trolleys can be reported via Trolley Tracker:

IGA Midland
9274 1067

Spud Shed Ellenbrook & Midland
6424 7845

Gilberts Midland
9250 5222

General enquiries
For all general enquiries, please contact us.

Compliments, feedback and complaints
We treat customer feedback seriously and continue to use customer feedback to improve our products and services. Please email our feedback team to provide acompliment, complaint or  feedback.

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