Chickens hanging out in a chicken coop

Keeping chickens

Keeping chickens in your backyard can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Before purchasing chickens, please check the following:

Approval is not required to keep poultry, pigeons or parrots. However, there are areas where covenants prohibit the keeping of poultry. If such a covenant exists on your property, you will not be permitted to keep chickens. Information about covenants can be found on the Landgate website(open in new window).

It is important you check your soil is safe for your new feathery friends. We can test your soil for a small fee, simply contact us to arrange a test.  Check the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development website(open in new window) for information about organochlorines pesticides and why they are unsafe for chickens.

Commercially derived (from a chicken farm) untreated poultry manure is prohibited for use within the City of Swan area under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Stable Fly) Management Plan 2013. Chicken manure from residential backyard chickens may be used in the garden, but as it's high in ammonia it is best to compost it first to ‘treat’ it. 

Chickens must not cause a nuisance. Where complaints are received, an investigation will be undertaken. Should it be established that a health nuisance is being created, enforcement action may be taken under the Health Act (1911). Roosters could be removed if they frequently exceed acceptable noise limits (approx. 45 decibels).

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