Keeping of livestock

What is the 'keeping of livestock'?

The keeping of livestock includes, but is not limited to the stabling or paddocking of:

  • horses 
  • cows
  • sheep
  • llamas
  • alpacas and/or
  • goats.

When is a planning application required?

A planning application for the 'keeping of livestock' is required in the following instances
General Rural Zone   A planning application is not required for the keeping of livestock unless the keeping of livestock is part of a larger activity/land use or business, such as a horse riding school, for example. 

Special Rural Zones

Swan Valley Rural Zone

Rural Living Zone

Rural Residential Zone

Landscape Zone

Resource Zone

Where the number of livestock kept on the property is greater than the base (dry) stocking rate that applies to the land (as defined in Stocking Rate Guidelines for Rural Small Holdings).

How is a planning application assessed?

When the City considers a livestock application, we assess the application against the requirements of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Stocking rate guidelines for rural small holdings

The type of livestock proposed to be kept on a property and what they are being used for will affect the assigned land use classification. Land use classifications we may assign to your proposal (as defined in the City's Local Planning Scheme No.17(PDF, 3MB)) include:

How do I prepare my planning application? 

The following information needs to be included in your planning application. You may submit your application to the City:

If you require an application because your property is affected by aircraft noise, please also familiarise yourself with the Section 70A notification process, prior to submitting your application.

Documents When are they required?
Completed City of Swan application for planning approval form Always
Completed WAPC Metropolitan Region Scheme Form 1(PDF, 238KB) Always
Payment of relevant fees Planning fees and charges Upon receipt of your application we will invoice you

A current ASIC Search Extract from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) database.

Only when the owner of the property is a company or business
Current copy of the property's Certificate of Title Always
Completed Keeping of horses - fast track customer checklist questionnaire Always
One (1) site feature survey Always
One (1) copy of a Site plan drawn to scale Always
One (1) copy of a Floor plan drawn to scale Always
One (1) copy of an Elevation plan set drawn to scale Always
One (1) Stormwater drainage plan Always
Completed Heritage Area - checklist and questionnaire Only if your property is in a Heritage Area or on the Local Heritage List or State Register of Heritage Places.