Schedule of fees and charges

All fees are payable at time of lodgement of an application.

Three types of fees may be applied to a Building Approval application.

They are:

  • The Building Act Fees: The prescribed fee is payable to local government when an application is made. These fees cover the cost of assessment, regardless of the outcome i.e. if the application is refused this fee will not be refunded.
  • The Building Services Levy (BSL): A building services levy is payable to local government for building, demolition and some occupancy permits as well as for building approval certificates issued under the Building Act 2011.

The levy is paid for the purposes of funding the operations of the Building Commission to regulate the building services. 

  • The Construction Training Fund (CTF) Levy: The training levy is applied to all residential, commercial and civil engineering projects undertaken in Western Australia where the total value of construction is more than $20,000. The rate of the levy is 0.2% of the total contract price (inclusive of GST). 

In most cases, the Levy is paid to the City when an application is made alternatively a direct payment to the Construction Training Fund may be made, in which case copy of the receipt is required before the City can accept or lodge the application.  

View the City's Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 99KB).