Registering your cat


As of November 1, 2013, all cats that have reached six months of age are required to be:

  • Microchipped;
  • Sterilised; and
  • Registered with the relevant local government. 

The Cat Act 2011 requires the identification, registration and sterilisation of domestic cats, and gives local governments the power to administer and enforce the legislation. 

The legislation will provide for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the environment, as well as encourage responsible cat ownership. 


Register, renew and pay online

Register your cat online

Pay your cat registration renewal online

Once your cat is registered with your local government, you will be issued a registration certificate, as well as a valid registration tag which your cat is required to wear on its collar.

To advise the City of Swan of any changes in your registration, please contact (08) 9267 9267.

Other ways to register

You can download your new cat registration form(PDF, 407KB) and return it in the following ways:

In person

Visit our Administration Centre at 2 Midland Square, Midland between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday or one of our libraries. Please note that our libraries only accept credit card and EFTPOS payments.

By post

To PO Box 196, Midland, WA, 6936

Tags and collars

Losing your cat can be upsetting and stressful for both you and your pet, so it’s essential to ensure your cat is easily identifiable to assist in the process of being reunited. 

Identification must be via a collar and a microchip.

It is an offence for your cat not to wear a collar with a registration tag and you can be given an on-the-spot fine of $200 for failure to do so.  

The collar must also have a cat’s name and your current address and telephone number. 

Cat registration tags change in colour each year. The colours for the next two years, and lifetime are:

  • Green tag for registration period ending 31 October 2021
  • Yellow tag for registration period ending 31 October 2022
  • Red tag for registration period ending 31 October 2023
  • Orange tag for lifetime registration.


All owners of cats aged six months and over, are required to have their cat microchipped. Contact your vet for more information on having your pet microchipped. 

A microchip is a permanent form of identification which allows a cat to be identified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that lost pets can be identified much more easily and returned more quickly. Impounded cats are scanned for microchips when they arrive at the pound.

A cat is only exempt from microchipping if a veterinarian issues a certificate stating that the implantation of a microchip may adversely affect the health and welfare of the animal.  

Microchips must contain your name, current address and telephone number.  

If you have recently moved address or your contact details have changed since your cat was microchipped, please ensure that you contact the Central Animal Registry on (02) 9704 1450.  A microchip is only as useful as its contact details!

For more information, please contact the City’s Community Safety team on (08) 9267 9267. 


Registration fees help fund education programs to encourage responsible animal ownership and patrol services to reduce the number of stray cats.

Renewal Full fee Pension / concession^
1 year $20 $10
3 year $42.50 $21.25
Lifetime $100 $50

 ^ Proof of Pensioner Concession must be provided each time a payment is made.

Lost tags and change of address

Registrations are valid state-wide. If you move between local government areas, you are required to complete the required cat registration transfer papers.

If your cat has lost its registration tag, please contact us on (08) 9267 9267 for a replacement tag free of charge. 

If you move address please contact:

  • the Central Animal Registry on (02) 9704 1450.  A microchip is only as useful as its contact details! 
  • the City on (08) 9267 9267 or so your new address can be recorded with your cat's registration details. 

Fines and penalties

In Western Australia, all cats over six months of age must be registered with a Local Government.  

  • If a cat is found wandering, it may be taken to the pound and an infringement notice of $200 may be issued.
  • If a cat is not claimed within the maximum period of 7 days, the animal becomes the property of the pound and in time may be sold or euthanised.
  • It is an offence for your cat not to wear a collar with the registration tag and you can be given an on-the-spot fine of $200 for failure to do so.