Impounded cats

If your cat is missing and you believe it may have been impounded, you can check the online listing, or contact the City’s service provider for the pound on 9267 9494.

Unwanted cats on property

The City of Swan is unique to other local governments as we have local laws that prohibit cats from entering private property without the property owner/occupier's consent. It is up to cat owners to ensure their cats do not enter private property - this can be done by keeping cats inside or within an outdoor cat run.

Unwanted cats found on private property can be impounded, in accordance with the local laws.

Please note that the City can only impound cats that are contained in a cat trap, cage or carrier. To request a cat be picked up for impoundment, please contact the City of Swan on 9267 9267.

Requesting a cat trap/cage

If you are having issues with unwanted cats on your property, you can request a cat trap/cage from the City.

To request a trap/cage, please contact the City on 9267 9267 or via email at Please note that the City will require you to notify your neighbours and complete the animal trap disclaimer form(PDF, 282KB) (the disclaimer form includes a notification template).

There are only a limited number of traps available, so you may be placed on a wait list. Hire companies and vets may also be able to assist with trap/cages, however please be aware that if you trap a cat and request it be picked up, you will still need to collect your trap from the pound.

Number of cats permitted

If you wish to keep more than two cats but no more than six, please notify the City and make application for a permit.  

Cat Act 2011

The Cat Act 2011 requires the identification, registration and sterilisation of domestic cats, and gives Local Governments the power to administer and enforce the legislation. The legislation encourages responsible cat ownership and aims to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the community. Microchipping and registration also make it easier to identify the cat and reunite it with its owner.