Food safety in the home

Woman cutting raw chicken

These simple tips will ensure the food you cook in your home is safe for you and your family.

Keep things clean

  • Wash your hands with soap and hot water after going to the toilet, before preparing food and between handling raw and cooked foods
  • Keep food preparation areas and equipment clean 
  • Protect kitchen areas and food from pests, insects and other animals
  • Wash fruits and vegetables, especially if eaten raw
  • Use safe, treated water
  • Regularly wash and sanitise toilets and bathrooms. 

Separate raw and cooked food

  • Separate raw meat, poultry and seafood from other foods
  • Use separate equipment and utensils when handling raw foods
  • Store food in containers to avoid contact between raw and cooked foods
  • Store cooked meat products above raw meat products in your refrigerator.

Temperature control

  • Cook food thoroughly (at or above 60°C)
  • When cooking meat and poultry, make sure juices are clear, not pink
  • Promptly refrigerate all cooked and perishable food at or below 5°C
  • Do not leave cooked food at room temperature for more than two hours
  • Reheat cooked food thoroughly
  • Do not store food too long, even in the refrigerator.

Remember the golden rule: if in doubt, throw it out.

The Food Safety Information Council has more information on food safety.