Your feedback

We treat customer feedback seriously and continue to use customer feedback to improve its products and services.

Submit your feedback

We encourage you to use our feedback form to provide us with your feedback such as:

  • Compliments - to let us know when you're happy with a service we've provided
  • Complaints - to let us know what we can do better
  • Suggestions - to let us know how we might do things differently

Alternatively, you could provide your feedback to us via your preferred method such as by phone, by email, by post, or in person visit.

Customer Complaints

When you are not satisfied with the programs or services provided by the City you are able to make a complaint to us via your preferred method of contact.  

To help us provide assistance we ask that you:

  • Tell us who or what you are complaining about
  • Provide all relevant information
  • Tell us what your expected outcome is  

To action your complaint we will:

  • Treat your complaint confidentially
  • Conduct thorough investigation of your complaint
  • Communicate the decisions or actions taken to address your complaint
  • Use your feedback to help us improve our programs and services where applicable  

If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is managed, you may:

  • Escalate your complaint to the relevant Executive Manager for their review
  • Escalate your complaint to the CEO if you are not satisfied with the reviewed outcome from the Executive Manager
  • Refer to the Western Australian Ombudsman's Office(open in new window) if you are not satisfied with the outcome to your complaint after independent reviews within the City  

Complaints management

The City will endeavour to ensure that it is simple and convenient for any person who feels aggrieved to make a complaint. All complaints received will be treated with courtesy and respect, appropriately investigated and responded to in a timely manner. Read more in the City's Complaints Management Policy.

Download our Complaints Management Policy

Other enquiries/requests

Please visit our Report/Request it online page if you need to contact us about a specific enquiry or request.

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