Additional rate charges

Included in your annual rates are charges for other necessary community services. Not all of these additional charges apply to all residents. If applicable, you'll see these charges listed as separate items on your annual rate notice. Additional charges may apply to the following services.

An annual fee is charged for waste and recycling collection services. This fee also covers the clean-up of all parks and streets, including litter dumped at the side of roads. A one-off establishment fee is payable for each new bin (whether household or recycling) requested.

If you build a new home your annual waste collection service fee will be charged pro-rata from the new building effective date. Establishment fee for the new bins is fixed and charged in full.

For more information, please visit the Waste and recycling services page.

Breakdown of fees associated with bin services

Service Fee (including GST) Payment method
Waste Recycling Services Charge $452 (annual pro-rata) Rate notice
New or additional 240L general waste bin $71 (establishment)
+ $452 (annual pro-rata)
Rate notice
New or additional 360L recycling bin $71 Rate notice
660L recycling bin (businesses only) $428 (establishment)
+ $451 (annual pro-rata, weekly pickup)
Rate notice
Event hire – general waste bin $22 per bin Invoice
Event hire – recycling bin^


Please note, a fee of $22 will apply for each recycling bin that is contaminated which will be added to your invoice.


All property owners in Western Australia are required to contribute to the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (ESL). Local Government collects the ESL on behalf of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

The levy collectively pays for the development and maintenance of Fire Stations, Volunteer Fire Brigades, State Emergency Service units and the Volunteer Emergency Services unit. The ESL is clearly identified on your rates notice.

If you have any queries about the ESL, please contact DFES Head Office on 1300 136 099, or visit their website at in new window).

A security patrol service for The Vines recommenced on July 1, 2019 after community feedback for the service to return. The 2023/24 annual charge is set at $209.55.

For further information, please visit the Safety and rangers page.

The 2023/24 annual swimming pool/spa barrier inspection fee is $54.00.

State Government Legislation requires the City to physically inspect the safety barriers for all private swimming pools and spas to ensure compliance with safety standards.

To ensure we meet this requirement the City arranges and conducts inspections within a specific Inspection Area at least once every three years. The fee charged to property owners is to cover this requirement. If your pool or spa is removed, please advise the City in writing to ensure this charge is cancelled.

For further information on the Licence Inspection process, please contact the City.

Penalty Interest charges may appear on a rate notice if rates are not paid by the due date. This includes any instalment which was not paid by the due date. Eligible pensioners and seniors are exempt.

For more information about interest charges, please visit the Late Payments page.

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