Sign up for eRates

Ratepayers in the City of Swan can opt in to receive their rates invoice by email. Go paperless and save time, money and the environment.

To register, simply follow these steps .

Follow these steps

Step 1.Check you have the following information

  • Reference number
  • Name (who the rate notice is addressed to)
  • Property address

Note: You can find this information on your latest rate notice.

Step 2.Make sure you're authorised

  • You will need to be either the property owner or managing agent*
  • If there are multiple owners, only one email address will receive the rate notice. It is your responsibility to advise any additional owners that the rate notice will be sent to the nominated email address, and a paper notice will no longer be sent.

*Please note: the managing agent will need to submit an authorisation document.

Step 3.Read the Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Step 4.Opt-in below

To receive future rate notices by email, please fill out the form below. 

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