Security patrols


Community Security Patrols currently operate within The Vines only.  The service is provided on a cost neutral basis to the City with the patrols being funded by The Vines property owners through a charge levied with property rates.

The Vines

A security patrol service for The Vines recommenced on July 1, 2019 after community feedback for the service to return. 

After carefully considering the options and community feedback Council decided to reinstate the service in The Vines for three years and residents will be surveyed again in two years to confirm if the service continues beyond 2022.

The service operates from 7am until 2am, (19 hours per day) 7 days a week. The contact number for the security patrol is 08 9278 9696.

View the map of The Vines Community Security Patrol area.(PDF, 467KB)

Community Patrol Reports

October 2020 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 402KB)

November 2020 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 373KB)

December 2020 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 290KB)

January 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 242KB)

February 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 484KB)

March 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 320KB)

April 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 355KB)

May 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 464KB)

June 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 263KB)

 July 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 169KB)

August 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 291KB)

September 2021 Community Patrol Report(PDF, 466KB)


In November 2019, the City surveyed property owners within Ellenbrook (including Morgan Fields, Henley Brook), to confirm if they would like the service to return or stop completely. 

A total of 9,672 surveys were sent with 2,308 being returned (23.86%). Of those returned, 1,224 or 53.03% voted ‘Yes’ to returning the service in some form, whilst 991 or 42.94% voted ‘No’. 4.03% of returned votes were considered invalid.

On Wednesday, January 22, Council deferred their decision about the reinstatement of security patrol services until March 11, 2020 with Council resolving to collect more data about antisocial behaviour and how this is reflected in reported crime rate. 

Councillors wanted to also consult further with the community on the value of the security patrol and look at the financial impacts on the proposed service on ratepayers.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council, March 11, 2020, Council resolved not to reinstate a Community Security Patrol in Ellenbrook (including Morgan Fields) and resurvey residents and ratepayers again in 2021.

The City will continue the range of other crime prevention and community safety initiatives in Ellenbrook in partnership with WA Police and local community groups.

You can access the full minutes on the Council minutes page.

Security Patrol frequently asked questions