Local Planning Policies

A Local Planning Policy sets out specific rules for different development types. It is still prepared under the provisions of Local Planning Scheme No.17.

Local Planning Policies are extremely useful, as they give guidance about how a development will be assessed by planning authorities.

This information is important when preparing an application or design for the building of any type of structure.

Building & Development Standards


Parking & Signage Standards


Drainage & Environment Standards


If a property is subject to a drainage contribution area, the landowner/developer is required to make a financial contribution towards the upgrade and supply of required drainage and stormwater quality treatment works. Please contact Statutory Planning Services for further information on 9267 9267.

POL-C-040 Midland District Drainage Development Reserve Fund(PDF, 186KB)

POL-C-096 Guildford and South Guildford District Drainage(PDF, 82KB)

POL-C-062 Hazelmere Residential Areas Drainage Improvement(PDF, 890KB)


Heritage Standards


Structure Planning & Urban Growth Standards


Extractive Industry & Landfill Standards