The Broadway Duplication, Ellenbrook

Submissions closed on 01 January 0001, 12:00 AM

The City of Swan is planning to duplicate The Broadway, in Ellenbrook between The Promenade and Bordeaux Lane to reduce congestion and improve the road's safety and level of service.

The duplication will be staged over a minimum of 4 financial years (FY), with the proposed staging outlined below.

Find the latest updates on this project at the bottom of the page.

Stage 1
  • Duplication of The Broadway between The Promenade and Coolamon Blvd, excluding the signalised intersection and roundabout.
Stage 2 (current)
  • Additional lanes and phasing change in the immediate vicinity of The Broadway/The Promenade signalised intersection.
  • Upgrade of the existing roundabout at The Broadway and Coolamon Blvd intersection to a dual-lane roundabout.
  • Duplication of The Broadway between the Coolamon Blvd/The Broadway roundabout and south of Elmina Ave.
Stage 3
  • Duplication of The Broadway between Elmina Ave and the Westgrove Dr/The Broadway roundabout.
  • Reconfiguring the Elmina Ave and Galatea Pass intersections to make them left in-left out.
  • Upgrade of the existing roundabout at Westgrove Dr/The Broadway intersection to a dual-lane roundabout.
Stage 4 
  • Duplication of The Broadway between Westgrove Dr and Bordeaux Lane.
  • Upgrade of the existing Maffina Pde/The Broadway and the Bordeaux Ln/The Broadway roundabouts to dual-lane roundabouts
  • Construction of tie-ins from the proposed carriageway to the existing intersections. 

The onsite scope of works in each stage includes:

  • Planning:
    • service location and relocation
    • geotechnical testing
    • survey
  • Vegetation clearing
  • Construction of a new 2-lane carriageway in the road reserve on the eastern side of the existing carriageway
  • Intersection upgrades/modifications
  • Upgrading the existing street  lighting
  • Installation of new signage and line marking
  • Landscaping

Noise monitoring and modelling will also be conducted to inform the City of any possible noise impacts from the second carriageway and if noise mitigation measures are required.

Consultation will be done for each stage separately.

Stage 1 Update

Landscaping is complete for stage 1 of the duplication. Line marking and rectification of minor damage to the footpath and kerbing is complete.

Stage 2 (Current Works)

Construction of Stage 2 between Coolamon Blvd and Elmina Ave has commenced. The approximate extent of works is indicated below.

To accommodate the works and to ensure the safety of the Construction staff and the general public, traffic management measures will be implemented. Speed reductions, stop/slow traffic management and lane closures will be implemented intermittently during construction. The footpath in the eastern verge may be temporarily closed at times to ensure pedestrian safety. Pedestrian access to the western shared path will be maintained. During the construction of the roundabout, access between The Broadway and Coolamon Blvd and Arbor Dr will be temporary restricted at different stages of the construction.